The good swimming-pool dehumidifiers

We are very pleased to welcome you on our website. Here you will find information and advice for the air conditioning and dehumidification of private, commercial or public swimming pools.

There are many suppliers of dehumidifi-ers on the market, but "the good swim-ming-pool dehumidifiers" with PWL sys-tem* are manufactured exclusively by us. We develop and produce dehumidifiers with distinctive quality and durability, down to the last detail.

Due to the almost complete heat recov-ery (heat pump principle), the precious energy of the indoor swimming pool is maintained. Our highlight: special large area heat exchangers especially made of resistant materials ensure high effective-ness. This unprecedented efficiency guarantees extremely low costs.
We are available also after your pur-chase: A dense network of service and customer support partners cooperates with us.

Do you have questions, ideas or sugges-tions concerning the use of our products? Contact us, we will be happy to take the time to advise you.

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Swimming Pool Dehumidifiers Type SET

“SET” is the abbreviation for “swim-ming pool dehumidification chest” in German. The devices of the “SET” se-ries are ready-to-use dehumidifiers, to be installed directly at the location of the swimming pool.
Mit PWL - System

Swimming Pool Dehumidifiers Type ETM

“ETM” stands for “engine room de-humidification chest” in German. These devices can be set up with little installation effort inside the machine room and therefore remain invisible at the swimming pool location. Mit PWL - System

Swimming Pool Dehumidifiers Type EZG

Dehumidifiers of the EZG type, which stands for “central dehumidification device” in German, are designed for commercial and public use. Due to their automatic air quality measure-ment (C02), outside air is admixed as required.

SET Schwimmbad Entfeuchtungs Truhe 367

Dehumidifier Accessories.

We manufacture a variety of accesso-ries for swimming pool dehumidifica-tion systems, including air supply - outlet rails for ground installation, temperature, humidity and air quality control devices, and much more.

Product Overview.

Here you will find the product over-view of all our products and accesso-ries.

Specifications overview for:






MORGENSCHWEIS Klimatechnik - das PWL-System

Permanent - Water - Air Filter - system (PWL-system)

All chests - dehumidifiers have the PWL - system, which is produced only by MORGENSCHWEIS climate technology worldwide.

A natural filtering principle, the precipitation in rainy comparable.
The horizontal arrangement of the refrigerating register, the slats are vertical, it accumulates between the individual lamellae water and forms a natural air filter, which constantly regenerates.
Dirt, dust and small particles are absorbed in the condensate, and drops into the drip pan.
Clean, washed and dehumidified air thus reaches back into the pool area. This superfluous heating and operating costs can be saved.

Also suitable for allergy sufferers and just!

Suitable for allergy sufferers. The filter system cleans the air very efficiently.


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Dimensions of ETM equipment

Dimensions SET / ETM 20 - 50

Type depth width height
SET / ETM 20 390 1.120 900
SET / ETM 30 390 1.420 900
SET / ETM 40 440 1.490 900
SET / ETM 50 440 1.610 900


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