How it works

MORGENSCHWEIS dehumidifiers are performance-optimized heat pump with a
high-efficiency, full heat recovery.
All dehumidifiers are based on the heat pump principle.
The moist air is removed via a closed coolant circuit heat energy.
Water is separated and rains in the drip tray.
The extracted heat energy then heats the cooled and dry air at Durchströhmen the capacitor.
Subsequently, the warm and dry air flows out of the dehumidifier.
The condensate can be fed to the pool water.

  1. Air outlet opening
  2. Condenser heats the air
  3. Humidistat and thermostat
  4. main switch
  5. control
  6. Compressor on rubber mounts
  7. Aluminium frame profile, powder-coated
  8. Drain pan made of aluminum alloy powder-coated
  9. Evaporator, cools and dehumidifies
  10. Fan housing with laufruhigem twin roll fan
  11. condensate drain
  12. Floor opening for connections and flow

Fig. 30 SET with open front panel.


Permanent - Water - Air Filter - system (PWL-system)

All chests - dehumidifiers have the PWL - system, which is produced only by MORGENSCHWEIS climate technology worldwide.

A natural filtering principle, the precipitation in rainy comparable.
The horizontal arrangement of the refrigerating register, the slats are vertical, it accumulates between the individual lamellae water and forms a natural air filter, which constantly regenerates.
Dirt, dust and small particles are absorbed in the condensate, and drops into the drip pan.
Clean, washed and dehumidified air thus reaches back into the pool area. This superfluous heating and operating costs can be saved.
Also suitable for allergy sufferers and just!