Detail condensate tray SET / ETM execution

open front cover - look at the "inner workings"

illuminated humidistat

The good for swimming-pools, swimming pool dehumidifiers and dehumidifier with 100% heat recovery and PWL-system.

The energy-saving swimming pool and Swimmingpoolentfeuchter convince through thrift and durable components.
They are energy efficient by Leistungsotimierung the dehumidifier and a 100% heat recovery.

MORGENSCHWEIS HVAC specializes in high-quality production and manufacture of energy-saving dehumidifiers with 100% heat recovery. The good for swimming-pools are efficiently and effectively designed and can be used immediately. The energy-saving operation and technical design of Schwimmbadluftentfeuchter is just in the cold season is a definite plus, in addition to superior technology and durable components.
Here the practitioner, and not only of theorists has constructed at the desk.
The good for swimming-pools - Your clear advantage - especially when you think about the ongoing operating and maintenance costs. On the website you will find pictures and descriptions of the 100% heat recovery and operation of the PWL-system.

The technical data for the Entfeuchtergeräte, pricing, and performance of the dehumidifier. Site of the devices is the swimming pool and the covered swimming pool or even a side room. When installing the equipment in an adjoining room the connection is made through air ducts.

Our dehumidifiers were also used already in garages, stables, warehouses, and not least in the coffee storage in Tanzania.
Also data Dehydrator and heat recovery can be found on the website. If you are looking for a reasonably priced, good and energy-saving solution for your Schwimmbadentfeuchtung or swimming pool, air conditioning MORGENSCHWEIS can give you exactly the right for swimming-pools and swimming pool offer dehumidifier.