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There is hardly a comparable investment, like buying a swimming pool dehumidifiers, on which you can demonstrate so clearly how sustainable saved investments can increase the follow-up costs.

The effects can be so severe that a high-quality and performance-optimized device pays for itself within a very short time. The following sample calculation you will get an insight into the compelling economics of a high quality dehumidifier of MORGENSCHWEIS Air Treatment GmbH, in contrast to conventional dehumidifiers (without heat recovery and PWL-system).

Because even when controlling it begins:

Mechanical hygrostats are imprecise and change by the action of pool chemicals quickly their switching accuracy considerably so that differences of 15% RH * 1) and more are not uncommon. The consequence of this is that the quasi dehumidifier unnoticed permanently passes through, or too often is in operation.

1. More consumption due to imprecise control:

At 2.5 kW per day (about 900 kW per year; subscription price per kW approx € 0.24) = € 216.00 per year and € 1,080.00 in 5 years.
(per m² water surface and at about 5 h bathing!)

2. More consumption due to poor performance number * of the heat pump:

(* = Ratio of the power consumption for heat dissipation)

Cheap device with small heat exchangers 1: 2
High quality equipment, power-optimized and large heat exchangers with 1: 4
The quality system saves up to 50% of energy costs.

If you add together, then you get an enormous increase in consumption within 5 years, depending on maturity. (Please read more about this in chart comparison of energy costs)

It follows that an increased investment, depending on the individual usage of the system can pay off after only two years. Even with little use of high-quality dehumidifier runs after a few years in the economics area and remains superior to the cheap products in the following years due to better quality and durability, but also by the ease of service.

This must be added the factors service and availability of spare parts, and to maintain the value. With such a differentiated look reveals that saved investment costs are already medium offset by increased operating costs.

Conventional Schwimmbadentfeuchtungen with supply and exhaust air systems in public swimming pools are absolutely exemplary of the waste of precious energy, as can be seen in the following calculation:

Compilation of energy consumption of outdated air conditioning systems
per m² water surface:

Type amount Watt / day / m²
1. Water evaporation 940
2. Fresh water heating 30
3. Heating air (outside air) 1300
4. Air circulation (fan) 240
summation 2.510 Watt / day / m²

2,51 kW x 0,24 € = 0,60 € / Tag / m²
(At about 5 h bathing!)

Below to compare the energy requirements of the original MORGENSCHWEIS for swimming-pools:
per m² water surface:

Type amount Watt / day/ m²
1. Water evaporation 940
2. Recovery of water evaporation - 940
3. Drive power heat pump 250
4. Heating air (outside air) 300
5. Air circulation (fan) 120
summation 670 Watt / day / m²

0,67 kW x 0,24 € = 0,16 € / Tag / m²
(Approximately 5 hours bathing!)


With the modern, performance optimization Wärmepumpentechnik the MORGENSCHWEIS swimming-pools can be compared to conventional ventilation systems almost   75% (!)   Of the energy costs savings.

(1) (rh = abbr. For relative humidity) according to DIN 4108
read more with Prof. Dr.-Ing. Klaus W. Liersch
(Building Construction and Building Physics teaches at the BTU Cottbus and is publicly appointed
and sworn expert for heat and moisture protection)

For energy cost comparison please click on the following graph: