For Schwimmbadentfeuchtung in demanding needs a central dehumidification device is inevitable [RTB]. With the help of invisible installed air ducts so the swimming pool or the pool room is air conditioned, and thereby dehumidified, heated and supplied with fresh air. Just the way you want it to suit your needs. Our Schwimmhallenentfeuchter series EZG are naturally equipped with 100% heat recovery.


EZG offen

With an energy-saving fan interval switching is ensured that only so much air is moved, as required by the bathers. Dehumidified settings only when falling below the setpoint or heating the device. An automatic control mixed during the bath operation outside air into the pool.
As a cheaper alternative, there is the air-circulating device version EZG-U, just as quietly and reliably as the other dehumidifiers of the EZG series.
By reducing the energy costs MORGENSCHWEIS dehumidifiers have paid for itself after a short time.



For energy cost comparison please click on the following graph: